COVID-19 Food Access Map


   The Arkansas Department of Agriculture has collaborated with a number of organizations to create a map of resources for local food during the COVID-19 pandemic.




The COVID-19 Food Access Map compiles information for Arkansans to find Arkansas Grown, Arkansas Made and Homegrown by Heroes products, providing an option to shopping at traditional grocery stores. In addition, the map provides information on the school districts, food pantries, and community organizations that are continuing to provide meals to the 65% of Arkansas children who depend on them.

The map can be found at this link: Arkansas COVID-19 Food Access Map and the survey to be included on the map is found here: Arkansas COVID-19 Food Access Survey

The Arkansas Department of Agriculture recently joined forces with, a statewide, one-stop resource that provides a comprehensive, reliable list of information on local businesses, restaurants, services and other essential in​formation for Arkansans during this pandemic. A new partnership with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture highlights specific ways that Arkansans can personally help farmers across the state.

This new website update will provide a resource hub for Arkansans to reach farmers who provide fresh food direct to consumers, farm-to-table restaurants, and local grocery stores through online sales, farmers markets, and on-farm sales. Local farmers and farmers market managers can upload real-time information and control their listings on the website as they adapt their operations to the COVID-19 situation. With this partnership, Arkansans can access the Arkansas COVID-19 Food Access Map resource on ​ and find Arkansas Grown food available in their areas, as well as schools and organizations that are offering free meals while schools are closed.

Collaborating Partners include:

  • DHS
  • UAMS
  • University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service
  • Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance
  • Arkansas Foodbank
  • Northwest Arkansas Foodbank
  • ADE Child Nutrition
  • Marshall School District
  • State school districts