Arkansas Grown Arkansas Farm to School

We are a small family farm growing grass fed lamb, heirloom tomatoes, and cut flowers. Most of the Vegetables are heirloom varieties grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizer. We do occasionally use Roundup in the aisles due to Bermuda Grasses so we do not use the word Organic.

Point of Sale

Farmer's Market, On Farm Sales, Restaurant, Wholesale

Arkansas Grown Products

Flowers, Honey, Peppers - Variety, Sheep/Lamb, Strawberries, Tomatoes

Arkansas Made Products


Harvest Dates

We have USDA inspected lamb meat all spring and into the summer. Strawberries should be ready in late March. Lettuces are ready about the same time. Tomatoes are ready mid to late June and the melons are close behind. Our Asiatic Lilies come off in April with Zinnias, Holly Hocks, Yarrow, and Sunflowers following.

Hours of Operation

We mostly deliver to restaurants and attend the Bernice Farmer's Market on Sunday Mornings beginning in April. IF you are interested in lamb and it is possible to meet in downtown Little Rock call Alan at (501) 580-4212.

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