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Thank you for visiting Piney Creek KuneKunes and for your interest in KuneKune Pigs. Piney Creek KuneKunes is located in Calico Rock, Arkansas which is deep in the Ozarks and on the banks of Piney Creek near the famous White River. We are so proud to have KuneKunes Pigs on our farm here in this beautiful area.

KuneKunes are a great breed of heritage, grazing pigs from New Zealand. They are friendly, docile little grazing pigs that are gaining in popularity across the United States. KuneKunes Pigs are like no other breed of pig! They are a smaller grazing pig that do not root or tear down fencing. They are a multi purpose pig that are used for breeding stock, show stock, pets, therapy animals and for small homestead breeders who want to raise this breed for their family pork.

Kunekune pastured pork is gaining popularity across the country, these “grazing pigs” have the ability to thrive on little more than grass and yet still provide delicious marbled pork surrounded by beautiful white lard. Their short upturned snouts make them suitable grazers and less prone to root than other breeds of swine.

Since kunekunes are a small, docile breed of swine with laid back, friendly personalities they are perfect for the first time pig owner. Why not enjoy raising the animal that will sustain your family rather than fighting a thousand pound pig! They are disinclined to roam and do not test fencing, they will follow you anywhere on the farm or calmly walk up the trailer ramp to load. All in all they are a very hardy heritage breed that is able to acclimate to any climate or region.

Many breeders have discovered their own niche marketing for this pastured pork in Farmers Markets, Restaurants or their own home butchery, perfect for charcuterie. Put them in your orchard to clean up all dead fruit but leaving your trees unharmed!

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