Simkins Brothers' Sweets

Simkins Brothers' Sweets

The Simkins Brothers’ passion for candy making came from a passion we all share – making holiday candy with grandma. Every year, they would make chocolate covered peanut butter treats to pass out to the neighbors. Finally, in April 2017, they sat down with their parents and grandma to ask permission to turn the family candy recipe into the foundation of their business.

Arkansas Made gold member, Simkins Brothers’ Sweets is a candy and treat making company tucked right off College Avenue in Fayetteville. Raised in Northwest Arkansas, brothers Austin and Quinn received their degrees from the University of Arkansas and jumped right into entrepreneurialism.

The star candy of their show is the Popper – a dark or milk chocolate covered peanut butter. They started selling their product in farmers markets and online, but quickly expanded to supply local grocers such as Harps Food Store.

After the Popper became a success, the brothers decided to create a more athletic, protein rich candy to supplement their active lifestyle – thus the discovery of the Chirpee. This is a chocolate covered peanut butter square with an active ingredient of cricket flour.

Cricket flour is a powder made from crickets using various processes. Cricket flour differs from true flours made from grains by being composed mainly of protein rather than starches and dietary fiber

“We really like the trend of high protein, sustainable options like cricket flour,” said Austin.

They have also begun to create a line of peanut butters, using olive oil as an alternative to other more saturated oils such as palm oil.

All ingredients used in their products are US-sourced. They aim to provide a great taste with an affordable price.

Although they are no longer producing in grandma’s kitchen, Quinn says grandma still comes by to help and makes sure they are doing it right.

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