Tammy Sue's Critters

Tammy Sue's Critters

Tammy Sue’s Critters’ name definitely fits the bill. Tammy and her husband have critters of all species and sizes from kittens to chickens and goats to horses – but her specialty is goats. Tammy has been raising dairy goats for several years, but her agricultural endeavors don’t stop with the milk. She uses her dairy milk to produce soaps, lotions and other products right in her backyard!

There are different goats for different folks. Dairy goats give milk that can be used for cheese, soap, lotions and other dairy products. They have to be milked twice a day and require more work and responsibility than meat goats. Alternatively, meat goats don’t have to be milked, and their purpose in life is to be butchered and used for their meat. Each goat owner prefers a different type of goat, but Tammy Sue clearly has a heart for dairy!

Three years ago, Tammy had a dream to create a soap cottage in efforts to move her work from her home kitchen. After a year of dreaming, Tammy and her husband began planning. In August of 2017, they began construction and after a long year of building they have opened the cottage for business.

Tammy originally planned to use the cottage as a work station, but it has quickly turned into more. The open floor plan allows for space to teach bi-weekly classes on making her products from scratch.

Her first class, each attendee had the opportunity to visit with the animals and make a four ounce Salt Scrub. During the class, they learned about the benefits of each ingredient and then made their own product. Tammy Sue had a full house of 14 guests!

The cottage also includes one bedroom, one full bath, a loft with two beds, a washer and dryer and a fully equipped kitchen. She is currently using this space to house her work-away interns who stay for various lengths of time to work on the farm.

She envisions an “on the farm experience,” where visitors reserve the cottage overnight, help with morning chores, and learn how to use fresh farm commodities to create a meal.

Tammy Sue’s Critters is moving rapidly in the direction of agritourism while promoting Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made. You can purchase Tammy Sue’s products on farm or at http://tammysuescritters.com/. Also, you can find her classes on her Facebook page Tammy Sue’s Critters.