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Jun 21
Southern Arkansas Farmers and Makers

South Arkansas is home to local farmers and makers who work hard to provide us with some of the best all-natural and handmade products in Arkansas. Check out some of our favorite South Arkansas farms and how they contribute to the overall health of the Arkansas agriculture industry.     Francois Creek Farm In the small town […]

Jun 21
Arkansas Made: 7 Must-Have Christmas Gifts

Christmas comes faster than we like. Every year, many of us plan for a grand Christmas but in today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes find ourselves searching for perfect gifts at the last minute. This year, consider making your holiday shopping a little easier and worthwhile.  We’ve rounded up some of the best places in Arkansas […]

Jun 21
Arkansas Artisan Markets

Here in Arkansas, artisan markets offer more than just homemade products and locally-sourced produce. They serve as a bedrock for communities large and small across the state. Full of people, experiences, tastes, stories, and memories, places like these cannot be replicated anywhere else.  Making a purchase at an artisan market is not the only highlight […]

Dec 16
The ‘Steaks’ are High in NWA

Have you considered making the switch to all-natural, pasture-raised protein? Fortunately, there are farmers and ranchers in Northwest Arkansas who are delivering some of the freshest meat products to ever hit your grill. When you’re hungry for a steak that will knock your socks off, or even some ground meat to make the best burgers […]

Dec 04
Made in Northwest Arkansas

Located on the Springfield Plateau deep in the Ozark Mountains, Springdale has long been an important industrial city for the region of Northwest Arkansas. While it is known for its industry presence, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover its blooming farmers market scene. This busy city attracts regional farmers, crafters, and artisans with their […]

Oct 21
Life’s a Garden, Dig it!

School gardens across Arkansas promote our agriculture industry with powerful hands-on experiences that make learning come alive. Every garden offers a chance for students to explore a meaningful and fulfilling career in the field of agriculture with life-long lessons that range from promoting community engagement to healthy eating habits. For those reasons and many more, […]

Oct 13
“Meat” Your Central Arkansas Livestock Farmers

When shopping at your local grocery store, you may have noticed that the demand for meat has risen as major processing facilities try to keep up with eager shoppers competing to stock up on their choice cuts of beef and pork amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are shopping for meat, you may want to […]

Oct 03
Arkansas’s very own apple

Arkansas’s very own apple Did you know Arkansas has an apple named after it? Probably not, considering it comprises less than 5% of all apple production in the state. However, during the peak of our state’s apple-growing heyday, this curious fruit was a staple of the Arkansas ag industry. Its name? The Arkansas Black Apple, […]

Jul 13
St Joseph Center of Arkansas

St. Joseph Center has always worked to be a sustainable farming operation. It began as a 720-acre tract in 1907. St Joseph Center was designed by renowned architect, Charles Thompson and completed in 1910. This beautiful 56,000 sq. ft. building sits on land that has been farmed for more than a century. The Catholic church […]

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