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Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act

Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act

Creating, Strengthening, and Expanding Arkansas’s Food and Farm Economies.

The Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act (Local Food Act) was enacted in 2017 and amended in 2019 to create, strengthen, and expand local farm and food economies throughout the state. The Local Food Act asks agencies to set a goal of at least 20% of the *agency’s purchases of food products to be spent on local food and it requires agencies to provide information on their **local food procurement budget.

*Agency: Institute of higher education (college, university), child care facility (k-12 school, early childhood education center, juvenile detention center, youth residential treatment facility), state park, after-school program, state agency or other entity of the state, and designees under contract within Arkansas.

**Local Food: Food products that are grown in Arkansas and/or packaged and processed in Arkansas.

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