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Hanna family ranch began as an opportunity to raise high quality meat for our family and friends. It has since grow and we are now able to provide our pasture raised heritage pork and lamb to the food service industry as well. We are thankful for the new opportunities that continue to present themselves. Heritage pork is truly the other red meat. We specialize in the Large Black breed of heritage hog. They are known for being docile, good mothers as well as good pasture grazers. Certain times of the year our hogs also dine on mulberries, wild plums, wild cherries and in the fall they stuff themselves with acorns. This provides a varied and well balanced diet and an extremely high quality meat product. Our lamb adventure started by accident when we purchased hair sheep to assist with pasture and woods management. We added a ram to the mix and low and behold we were in the sheep business with 5 sets of twins! When chefs from local restaurants would visit the ranch to see how the pork was raised they saw the lambs and were immediately interested in purchasing lamb. We saw this as another opportunity for our ranch.

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8:00 to 5:00 every day. Just be sure and call first to make sure we are home.

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