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Kunekune Pigs for Sale - Veteran-Powered Pasture Perfection

Welcome to the premier destination for Kunekune pigs in Northwest Arkansas. As a proudly disabled veteran-owned venture, our dedication to the land and its bounties reflects the same spirit of service we upheld in the line of duty.

Rooted in the lush greens of Northwest Arkansas, our farm boasts an unrivaled commitment to the holistic care and upbringing of Kunekune pigs. These vibrant creatures are not just livestock to us – they are the embodiment of a dream, a commitment to quality, and a pledge to sustainable, ethical farming.

Sustainability in Every Step

Our Kunekune pigs revel in the freedom of pasture-raised living. Employing a meticulously planned rotational grazing system, our pigs roam, root, and rest on different segments of our pastures. This not only gives our pigs the natural diet and exercise they deserve but also aids in maintaining the health and vitality of our soil, ensuring its fertility for future generations.

Beyond Organic - Regenerative Agriculture

While many farms might stop at organic, we take a step further by adopting regenerative agriculture methods. This holistic approach ensures the restoration of our soils, rather than just preserving them. By constantly rejuvenating the earth beneath our feet, we're crafting a legacy of fertile, life-giving grounds and ensuring that the animals we raise are nurtured by the best the land has to offer.

Only the Best Feed

A pig's diet is instrumental in determining its overall health, taste, and quality. With this in mind, we ensure that our Kunekune pigs are fed only non-GMO feed. We believe in keeping things natural, honest, and free from unnecessary modifications, ensuring you get pigs that are as nature intended.

Why Kunekune?

Kunekune pigs, renowned for their docile nature and manageable size, make them an ideal choice for both small-scale homesteaders and larger farming ventures. Their efficient grazing habits combined with our ethical farming methods result in pigs that are not just raised but cherished.

Join Our Legacy

Located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, our farm stands as a testament to what's achievable with passion, dedication, and a commitment to doing things the right way. By choosing our Kunekune pigs, you're not just investing in premium livestock but also supporting a disabled veteran's dream and the sustainable agriculture movement.

Come visit, witness our dedication firsthand, and be part of our growing community of sustainable farming enthusiasts. At our farm, we're not just selling pigs, we're sharing a vision for a brighter, greener, and more ethical tomorrow. Welcome to the future of farming.

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