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Wild Ozark grows a lot of rocks and we're also a ginseng and ginseng habitat plant nursery. Rocks? What kind of crop or product is that? I use the rocks to make pigments for my paintings. We sell both the artwork and the paints. Check out to see our offerings. And if you'd like to see all of the art in one page, look at The colors are earthy and natural. The paintings are done using Ozark pigments exclusively, so the whole of my portfolio is of the same earthy tones, no matter what the subject is. Currently I'm making oil paints, and I've just begun using those to paint with. Previously, I made watercolors from the pigments. Eventually I'll paint with both mediums, but not in the same painting. The beauty of watercolor is that it's easy to take them on the go and the paintings dry fast. In addition to rocks I use foraged bones to make black and white pigments, Osage root bark to make orange, and dayflower petals for blue. Those two plants are the most lightfast of plant pigments I've found. The others all fade or oxidize quickly, so I don't use them often. Stop by if you'd like to learn more about my fascinating journey with Ozark pigments!

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By appointment at my studio to view original artworks, or I'll bring them out anywhere in NWA by appointment. For ginseng, pickups by appointment at nursery.

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All year for art and paints, mid-May through June for potted ginseng seedlings (local pickup), Oct for bare-root ginseng seedlings shipments.

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