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“Meat” Your Central Arkansas Livestock Farmers

When shopping at your local grocery store, you may have noticed that the demand for meat has risen as major processing facilities try to keep up with eager shoppers competing to stock up on their choice cuts of beef and pork amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are shopping for meat, you may want to consider alternate options.

Whether you are craving a succulent rack of ribs, or are just trying to find a reasonable price for ground beef, you ought to check out what farming families in Central Arkansas are selling straight off the farm or bringing to an Arkansas farmers market near you. These farmers are selling the freshest Arkansas Grown meat you can find!

Consider these delicious Central Arkansas farm-raised meats when shopping for your next home-cooked meal.


When you hear about a local operation that has three generations or more of experience, you know you are buying something special. The folks over at Phifer Farms have decades of hands-on experience raising quality beef cattle. Reward yourself by trying their hormone, antibiotic, additive-free, and locally-raised beef.

Located in Bald Knob, Arkansas this modest farming outfit has its own store room where patrons can swing by and pick the cuts of their choice on the farm. They also have a wide selection of locally produced rubs and sauces.


This veteran-owned and operated farm is part of the Homegrown by Heroes of Arkansas program and provides top-notch pork and beef products to folks in the Central region of the state. In fact, if you have tried the sausage at Flyway Brewing in Little Rock, you may have already tasted Olles Farm products. They also supplement their grass-fed cattle with used grain from Flyway!

Located in Bigelow, Arkansas, Olles Farm sells their products straight from the farm, or on many occasions, you can catch them selling out at the Conway Farmers Market. You can touch base with them on Facebook or order their products online.

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